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Option 2 - Compare Services and Prices

You only have one Will, so choose the highest quality, most comprehensive, value-for-money solution available in the UK. This personalised Will service, with discounted storage included, is not offered by any leading online service for these prices. Compare other leading services and their prices:

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Eversheds £470.00 £470.00
Franklins £176.25 £264.38
Just Wills PLC £82.25 £129.25
The Will Site £89.00 £118.00
LifeTime Wills £69.00 £99.00

NB: The above figures are correct at the time of publishing

You can see from the above comparison chart that LifeTime Wills offers the UK's premier service. LifeTime Wills are an expert online Will writing service - having considerably fewer overheads than a high-street solicitor - this keeps costs down to a minimum, allowing savings to be passed on to you, the customer.

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