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Safekeeping of Your Will

keeping you will safe

There is no formal requirement as to where your Will should be stored. However, it is advisable to keep your Will in a safe place, either at home or lodged with a bank, or with a legal advisor, which is easily accessible. It is not advisable to keep a Will in a safety deposit box because after your death your executors will not be able to open that box without obtaining a court order.

Alternatively, and more securely, your original Will may be deposited at the Probate Registry. This has several advantages, the most important being that your Will is guaranteed to be held securely. Since your Will is recorded, no attempt can be made to administer your estate by bypassing your Will.

It is sensible to keep a photocopy of your Will in case the original is accidentally lost or destroyed but it should be clear that it is only a copy (clearly mark it with "copy" on all pages) and make a note on the copy where the original is kept. Do not staple, clip or attach any other documents to your original Will.

Finally, once you have decided where your Will should be stored make sure that your executors and a member of your family knows of your Will’s whereabouts.

There are 4 Will Storage Options:

Single LifeTime Will Storage with

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Single LifeTime Will Storage

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Mirror LifeTime Will Storage

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