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Lifetime Wills Testimonials


Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"An excellent service and so easy to update as your circumstances change. Takes the worry out of the whole process."
Gillian Goule, West Midlands. February 2006


"A fantastic feature to your services. Very easy to use, I completed it in minutes. Well done."
Jeff Callan, Berkshire. January 2006


"I recommend that everyone makes a Will; too often Ive seen the mess left behind when people don't think ahead."
Mr John Hillier, Offshore Investment Advisor. January 2006


"An excellent service and so easy to update as your circumstances change. Takes the worry out of the whole process. "
Gillian Goule, West Midlands. January 2006


"This was a very simple and easy way of doing things with no complicated details."
Thomas Keith Smith, London. November 2005


"We never fully appreciated the importance of making a Will until one of our friends recommended LifeTime Wills service."
Mr & Mrs K, Retail Trade. November 2005


"I havent got much but I feel relieved that at least I know where its going after Im dead."
Mr B C, Master Welder. October 2005


"Im recently divorced, and I have three children, so Im well aware of how circumstances can unexpectedly change very quickly. Thats why I considered it a priority to purchase a Will that I can update regularly without any additional cost."
Mr M. Flynn, Company Director. September 2005


"Im not very good with computers so I was pleasantly suprised to find it so easy to use."
Ms G Davies, Office Administrator. August 2005


"We thought that making our Wills would be very complicated but your service is so easy to use and it has given us real peace of mind."
Mr & Mrs Caliva, London. July 2005


"I was pleased it was so inexpensive."
Ms J Lloyd, Freelance Artist. July 2005


"When my husband recently died without a Will I realised how complicated and painful everything can become and how many family arguements it casued - I would hate to put my family through that again."
Ms Joan Lewis, Cardiff. June 2005


"I dont know why more young people dont make a Will, especially if its online; its even easier."
Ms Louise Evans, Telesales. April 2005


"I used it because it was cheaper and more convenient than going to a solicitor. I think more people should use online solutions; they're very convenient and secure now."
P Morgan, Software Engineer. March 2005


"My circumstances have changed quite often recently, so I wanted an option to change my Will, whenever I want, free of charge. I also went for the storage option."
Mr R Glyn Lewis, Sports Psychologist. February 2005


"Arranging my Will was a job I had been avoiding for years. I chose LifeTime Wills because I wanted a service that was quick and convenient that I could make changes to whenever I wanted."
Peter M, Carmarthenshire. December 2004


"I feel a lot more secure about things now Ive made a Will. Thank you LifeTime Wills."
Mr R T L, Company Director. December 2004


"Ive used LifeTime and made my Will in no time."
Mr V Hunt, Painter and Decorator. November 2004


"Yes, I would recommend your Will service; I think it's and excellent service... even I could use your website!"
Ms W Clunn, Retired. October 2004


"Fast, easy, comprehensive and storage as well... anything I needed and I get to update for free if needed... of course I'm happy."
Mr Ian White, Accountant, London. September 2004


"Straight after my divorce I used Lifetime Wills to change my Will. I would definitely recommend anyone to do the same."
K Lewis, Heath Administrator. August 2004


"The LifeTime Wills format is so comprehensive it made it possible for us to make provision for every conceivable eventuality."
Mr A C, Cardiff. July 2005


"Free updates for life, and the fact that every Will is individually checked by professionals clinched it for me."
A. Jones, IT Engineer. June 2005


"I was worried about using the Internet to arrange my Will but your service is so professional I will have no hesitation in recommending it to my friends, colleagues and family."
M. Jones, Web Designer. May 2004